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PostSubject: Re: SpainxEngland   Mon 29 Apr 2013, 11:45 pm

There were loud knows on the door and Arthur jumped away from the Spanish captain as though he'd been shot. "S-Sorry.." He muttered quietly, "I wasn't expecting any knocks this late at night..." Biting his lip, he waited for the taller, tanned man to answer the cabin door and laid back on the bed, thinking about the last couple of days. So much had happened and the Brit found himself mixed up and unsure. He found himself wondering exactly what might happen. Pausing, he sat up at watched Antonio's back as he talked with one of his crew members.

The blonde ran his fingers through his hair and smiled as the Spaniard made his way back over to him, "I'm kind of tired love... maybe we should just go to bed after all?" He asked gently, "And pick this up tomorrow when we're not about to pass out from total and utter exhaustion?" The Englishman smiled and patted the bed next to him, "I love you. Come on, come to bed love." Arthur swallowed and laid back down, curling himself up under the blankets and waiting for his lover to come to bed. He shut his eyes and smiled when he felt the weight on the bed shift, indicating that the Spaniard had joined him.
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