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 Annyong hashimnigga, I am North Korea.

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PostSubject: Annyong hashimnigga, I am North Korea.   Tue 27 Aug 2013, 2:01 pm

Country Name: Democratic People's Republic of Korea North Korea

Human Name: Im Yong Hyung

Appearance: Seeing as how he is the older twin to South Korea he generally has the same facial structure as his little brother but almost always has a serious expressions. His hair is long and tied into a braid with bangs, the right side longer than the other and covers his right eye. Much like his brother he has an ahoge that gives expressions, only his is a downwards-like ahoge with a grumpy look.

Gender: Male

Age: Older than South by a few minutes.

Personality: He is strict, serious, has a short temper, likes to threaten people, and denies anything that would make him appear weak.

Friends: South, China, Russia, Portugal, Serbia, Vietnam

Foes: Japan, America, South, Hungary

History: When Japan occupied the Koreans land, Hyung began to hate other Asian country, but only began to hate him more when it led to the separation of the brothers. Although he didn't mind being a part of the Soviet union, he couldn't help but miss the time when he was with his brother. Before the separation, Hyung made a promise to his brother that no matter what happens they'd be together no matter what. Shortly after the separation Hyung began his attempt to reunite with his brother, only to find that his brother had the same idea but when Hyung realized that South didn't want to reunite/had no means of reunited with his now Communistic brother he believed that South forgotten his promise and retaliated against the attack.

Fun facts:

  • He is blind in his right eye due to the 1990 famine.
  • He has trust issues due to people betraying him in supporting South as his own Country.
  • He cares deeply about his brother and made a promise that one day they would be one Country again, but when he believes that South doesn't remember said promise he resorted to forceful measures.
  • He will do whatever it takes to appear independent and strong, even if it means denying aid during times of need.
  • When the Asian countries gather every-so-often, or if it's just him, China and some other country, he'd try to keep China's attention in a very child-like manner, even if he does something China doesn't approve of he continuously sucks up to the older country.
  • Although he is fully capable of braiding his own hair, he prefers it if China does it.
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Annyong hashimnigga, I am North Korea.
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