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 I am the Northern Half. A.k.a North Korea

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PostSubject: I am the Northern Half. A.k.a North Korea    Sat 19 Jul 2014, 1:43 am

Country Name: North Korea

Human Name: Im Dae Jung

Appearance: Physical Description: He about 5"3 with a pale skin color and lanky build. His eye are deep brown color and his hair in black and about mid-neck length.

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Personality: North Korea used to be strict but so after the Korea war it slowly turned into insanity. He doesn't like going out in public and he doesn't like most people. He tends to isolate himself and sneer at others. Dae has outburst and melt downs in you push him to far. The only person he can really stand is Yao.

Friends: China, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, and it used to be Russia

Foes: America, England, Japan, and South Korea,

History: The Koreans were born into the Kingdom Silla. This great kingdom was a mother of the twins and the fought vigorously under her. The three stayed together until the empire weakened and she was forced to give up her children to Chinese rule before she disappeared. The two twins were introduced to the other Asians and the prospered and created ties with the different surrounding countries. The twins were happy with there family and lives until invades from foreign lands created rebellions and Chaos unto there lands. Through treaties and new treads the people of Korean were calmed and peace was temporally retained. The peace was broken when the Japanese came in the early 1900s and forced by treaties to be annexed under his rule. These years were torture for the twins. The Japanese soldiers were abusive to the Koreans people and the laws were unfair. There believes and way of life was forced from the and they were made to believe Japanese faith. The northern side was to be agricultural and the southern was more industrial. This started to make a split between the twins. At the end of world war 2 Korea was finally freed from Japan and the peninsula was parted into two states: North and South Korea. The two brother were to be temporally separated from each other so they could be reconstructed. What many do not know is that Russia was originally supposed to take the south but begging from the northern brother he relented and took Dae Jung instead. Under the Russians rule is when North Korea began to change. He began to be more jumpy and suspicious of others. Finally after a tip of an attack he invaded the southern country. Many good Koreans were killed and the twins, with there allies, fought vigorously. Towards the end of the war North tried to go and make a deal with his brother to become on again, but Yong refused the deal because of his brother government. Taking his knife Yong stabbed Dae and fled the scene. Soon the war halted at a stale mate and the two county use to hate each other. North Korea to this day does not hate any of his former family because of his early history and hopes one day to have his family back.

Fun facts: The Korean War has made him hostile towards everybody and everything. He tends to lock others out and lash out at random moments.His hair used to be long but during the Korean War Yong held him down and cut it off as a sign of disrespect. He lies about doing well and hides that he is wasting away from starvations. Dj hates japan,America, and South Korea. He only trust china.

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PostSubject: Re: I am the Northern Half. A.k.a North Korea    Sat 19 Jul 2014, 1:46 am

(Oooh! I don't think we've had a South or North Korea before. Thank you for joining! I'm sorry the site isn't very active.)
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I am the Northern Half. A.k.a North Korea
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