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 Hey there, I'm Illinois (EDIT)

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PostSubject: Hey there, I'm Illinois (EDIT)   Sat 16 Feb 2013, 10:46 pm

Hey, I'm Illinois, one of America's 50 states. I hope we can get along! Um, that's all I want to say, I guess..bye.

(Hi, I'm Zoe, I rp as Illinois, you can call me Illi. I've been a fan of Hetalia for awhile now, and I wanted to join a rp site.. I like, Vocaloid, MLP, PewDiePie and Cry. I currently live in Illinois near Chicago. I'm may just seem like a average person, but I'm not, I just want to point that out. So that's it, thank you~)
(I JUST realized that I did the intro wrong. I'm an idiot. -_-)
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Hey there, I'm Illinois (EDIT)
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