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 Ni hao from the captial of Chugoku!

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PostSubject: Ni hao from the captial of Chugoku!   Wed 02 Jan 2013, 8:43 pm

Ello, I'm Beijing. Or, you could call me Kinata...or Jun Ai, as Beijing's human name.
Aaaand since the birthday thing doesn't like me on the profile, Beijing was founded somewhere around the City of Jing...or Ji. I can't remember. So That'd make her about 900 years old surprisingly. Erm, she shares her birthday with China.

Instead of being a male, I portray her as ,well, her. rabbit
Country Name: Beijing

Human Name: Jun Ai

Appearance: It'll be done soon. I'm still working on drawing it. But she wears her hair in a braid over her shoulder for most of her appearences to come. She has bangs, and looks somewhat similar to Vietnam (by accident!) but they are distinguishable.

Gender: Female

Age:967 (if you want to be technical), in her late teens and twenties by appearence. EDIT: 2045.

Personality: She's pretty much the better side of China. Keeps him on his feet/on earth at least for a few seconds. So, she's polite, kind, caring, and a little sensitive and perhaps a little motherly. At least, that's how I'd see her. (Augh, now I'm just thinking of stereotypical stuff.) Oh, and she tends to take on SOME characteristics of her fellow Chinese i.e. China's tendency to be overdramatic (if you think about it, he is, sometimes.) EDIT: She can be a little flustery, sweet and clueless in situations. She's usually polite and reserved, but when she gets to a certain point, it's all warrior. Probably her fault for fighting by China's side during the Three Kingdoms Era. the first crap ton of fanfic would describe her when she's angry or upset

Friends:Vietnam (supposedly, I'm just going on the OC now. Aand technically, we don't have a very friendly country relationship.), Russia, Hong Kong, Japan(on okay terms), Taiwan...America, and probably good terms with England.

Foes:Not many, if any. She tends to try to make friends with everyone, or at least not be bias.

History: Started off as the City of Ji. If that's what you mean by history. Or, China found her, much like he found Japan, wandering around in his place. He took her in and she followed him through the Han dynasty. At the moment, she's just making his ties to the other countries and capitals as best as she can.

Fun facts:-China's a guy, and mostly capitals are the same gender as the country. Nope. Not me.
-Apparently, if something happens to China, chances are, it's to his capital, too. (?)
-She can be considered China's better half, or his opposite.
-Can hold her own against people.

Am I writing too much?
My other base is on deviantart under the name of Kinata94. Feel free to drop by that or my tumblr.

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PostSubject: Re: Ni hao from the captial of Chugoku!   Wed 02 Jan 2013, 9:10 pm

Cool thanks you are now free to Rp her. I had to move it because it was in the wrong place. Then I decided It would be easier to make a new forum for it so here we are ^.^
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Ni hao from the captial of Chugoku!
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