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 Here, it's Scotty's stuffs.

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PostSubject: Here, it's Scotty's stuffs.   Thu 17 Jan 2013, 4:17 pm

(So, Thai will stop nagging at me.. If it sounds too vague, please forgive me. I had no other way of explaining.. Well, everything.)

Country Name: Scotland

Human Name: Cameron Alastair Kirkland

Appearance: Bright red hair and green eyes

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Personality: Rather cocky, tends to be sly but makes up for it by his charm. Stubborn when changing his mind. If he makes up his mind, he's determined to keep it that way and there is no way of stopping him. He's very protective snd possessive when it comes to his brother, England. Very competitive when it comes to playing rugby.

Friends: France, Baltic Trio (more like acquaintances, because of trading), Canada, Poland, Japan

Foes: England (at times), Norway, and America

History: One of England's older brothers and happens to get into fights with him especially in the past. His name originated from medival times and previously known as The Kingdom of the Picts or Pictland which is today, "Alba" or "Scotland". He's very close to France due to the Alliance they made against England during those years and still happen to be friends. While he was growing up, his independence lead to a bloody war, trying to throw off English influence. Scotland became one of the industrial power of Europe, during the Scottish Enlightment and Industrial Revolution.

Fun facts: Happens to wear kilts, obviously but not very often. He is good at holding his liquor but tends to get hangovers in the morning. He has a secret ingredient for getting rid of hangovers, but he won't tell anyone (not even Arthur.). He's pretty patient and not such a bad guy when you get to know him. His nickname is Alba, which is only what his brothers can call him. He has a pet named, Nessie and his national animal is a unicorn and his favorite flower, thistle. His siblings besides England are: Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland. And just one more thing: In 1986, The Japan Society of Scotland was formed to enhance friendship, goodwill and cooperate between Scotland and Japan.
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Here, it's Scotty's stuffs.
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