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 Getting to know eachother better

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PostSubject: Getting to know eachother better   Tue 15 Jan 2013, 3:53 pm

(Go forth and tell us about your self ^.^)
Nation you are in – United States of America (Republic of America)

Random facts

*We aren't all fat

*We aren't ALL jerks

*Not all of us are dumb

*We are not just mean Canadians

* Not everyone eats McDonalds all day every day

*Hand Shakes are ways of greeting. But which one you use depends on what subculture you are in (Black, White etc)

*Most of our shit is made in China

*Obama isn't as bad as everyone says

*We are mostl friendly and out going (not all)

*Southern cooking is Unhealthy but delicious

*We only butt into other countrie's buisness beause we care (I could do with out it tho)

*Puerto Rico is becoming a State

*We rep Canadian when we go to Europe


Nation you play – Thailand

Random Facts



*Great cook

*Trained in various types of martial arts

*All around nice and friendly guy

*Hates having his head touched.

*Hates monsters and Ghosts

*Hates when you show him the bottom of your feet/shoes it's disrespectful!

*Better crossdresser than Poland

*Best friends with Russia

*Has a cute pet elephant

*Loves Gorey horror movies

*Has the worlds most depressing Insurence commercials


*Never colonied

*Is the furthest thing from weak.

*Knows where all of the body's pressure points are and what they do.

*Has a Sword and will use it.

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PostSubject: Re: Getting to know eachother better   Sat 02 Mar 2013, 8:04 pm

Nation -- The United States of America

-Puerto Rico is becoming as state.
-We don't eat McDonalds every single day.
-Our president is Obama, he isn't bad
-We get A LOT of stuff from China
-Most people are friendly

Nation/State- Illinois

-Is the 21st state, America's sister.
-Shy, insecure, friendly, sweet and nice
-Likes videogames
-Loves anime and manga
-Believes in ghosts, demons, etc.
-Loves movies, no matter what kind
-Is suffering from depression, takes pills, is happy but is still sad
-Has the number 1 murder/crime capital in the USA
-Can be very violent when she's at war
-When she snaps, she always carries a knife and is yandere
-Not very outgoing, so she doesn't have many friends
-Feels like she is not noticed
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PostSubject: Re: Getting to know eachother better   Sat 02 Mar 2013, 8:34 pm

Nation -- The United States of America.

-Not all of us are as dumb as we seem

-Most people are friendly

-we don't eat out at fast food places all the time

Nation - Italy

-Shy when it comes to some things.

-Happy go lucky with nearly everything.

-very scary when provoked enough to snap.

-is forced to carry a gun around on him just in case he needs it and Germany, or whoever will protect him, isn't around.

-always has a white flag on him somewhere

-makes very good pasta

-is oblivious at times.

-can be very smart and good with helping love issues.

-tries to be as good a friend as he can to anyone and everyone.
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PostSubject: Re: Getting to know eachother better   

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Getting to know eachother better
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