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 How far have we all come?

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PostSubject: How far have we all come?   Thu 02 Aug 2018, 4:19 am

As i peruse through the faded halls of this roleplay site, I begin to reflect on all of the good times we all spent laughing, crying, and roleplaying together. To me, it feels like it was only yesterday we were breaking the chatbox with massive gifs and walls of text that were much too big for the size of our chatbox. From simple images to show our emotions to gifs showcasing a woman twerking atop a car, to which we saluted, we truly spent a lot of time abusing our dear chatbox. There are days where i recall my fond memories on this site and wonder how all of you are? Hopefully we all have grown out of our angst ridden teenage phases and have grown into successful mild mannered adults. Back in the day this site, like others, was filled to its brim with drama and I know I caused my fair share. However, the fact that we had any sort of dramatics just showed how much of a family we were. Many of those moments make me laugh and smile today, from the mass exodus to the many late night discussions we all would have. I hope this site filled all of you with good memories that you too can laugh and smile about. I know I was a bit of an immature site owner and I made loads of mistakes. Despite the activity checks, the strict rules, and my slightly unapproachable personality I hope yall had fun. I know i did. Forgive me for trying to be too controling and thank you for all the great memories. Special thanks to my main rp buds, Koma, Bei, Bel, Ame, Julia, Ili, Scotty, and Autumn (sorry if i forgot anyone). I hope you all find peace and happiness in your lives.

Maybe we all will meet again as our new selves and not even know it lol

God bless~ Thai
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How far have we all come?
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