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 Intro for Romano and 2p England rper

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PostSubject: Intro for Romano and 2p England rper   Mon 14 Jan 2013, 5:21 pm

Hi everyone! I'm a bit late sorry on this!

I am the RPer for Romano and 2P England my nickname is Jay but feel free to call me by Romano or Oliver~

I'm new to roleplaying, I've never done it till know so I'm stil trying to figure things out, I love to Roleplaying action or romance. I choose to be Romano becase I think he is an intersting chacarter, he may be a big fraidy cat underneath his tsun ways but I think if he had to toughen and fight he could that and we're a bit similar, I rather lounge around and eat fruit then clean, and if I tried to clean it would just end in a bigger mess ahaha and I love 2p england's chacarter because I'm pretty sure he's a big softy underneath all the crazy amd I love roleplaying characters like that. I hope to have fun doing this and that we all get along! Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Intro for Romano and 2p England rper   Mon 14 Jan 2013, 7:09 pm

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Intro for Romano and 2p England rper
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