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 Bienvenidos al reino de la pasión~!

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PostSubject: Bienvenidos al reino de la pasión~!   Mon 14 Jan 2013, 8:32 am

I know it's pretty late for introductions, but you know what they say... better late than never Razz

Hi guys! My name is Ally. Most of the people around here already call me Spain though, so you can call me that if you want :3 As for why I decided to roleplay Spain, let's just say we have a lot in common. He's a very cheerful, passionate guy who protects what he cares about to the death-- and I love that about him. I tend to get very detailed when I roleplay, so you'd have to tell me if you'd rather that I gave quick, one-liners; I'm ok with that too. I'm fine roleplaying just about anything although I guess, romance and action are my forte. >:3 I really enjoy exciting plot-lines, mehehe. You can have me pair Spain up with anyone, I'll make sure he romances your pants off Wink *wink wink* (...that is, if you can get through his thick-headedness first >__O ehehehe)

Anyways, you can check out my profile for my interests and stuff. If you think we have something in common, or if you just want to talk, feel free to message me or something ^^ I don't bite. (Spain might just bite you, tho. *whistles*)

I'm glad to be part of this forum, and I hope we all get along and have fun pirat VIVA ESPANA!

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Bienvenidos al reino de la pasión~!
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