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 OFF (Mortis Ghost)

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PostSubject: OFF (Mortis Ghost)   Thu 12 Jun 2014, 9:45 pm

You are the (Puppeteer / the Batter / the Judge / Valerie / Zacharie / an Elsen / other) and you are trapped in a room with others. You have no idea what has happened. One moment, you are going about the day, the next you are here. What will you do?

{NOTE: This is like your muse RPing/cosplaying as one of the OFF characters. However, they are actually them and they have the same personality, but they have some of the personalities as the OFF characters.
In other words, your muse is playing the role as the OFF characters and has some of their personalities, but they also have some of their own.
As for the Puppeteer, it's just the muse}
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OFF (Mortis Ghost)
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