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 I'm still not giving up

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PostSubject: I'm still not giving up   Fri 06 Jun 2014, 2:37 am

I'm still not giving up on this site
I am fucking determined to get this site more active, I don't care if people are gonna say that it's dead, there's no use trying, etc..
I want to improve this site, invite friends if you have to, make a schedule and plan out when people should get on, I don't care! I just want people to get on again, I wasn't here as long as the original members but I still care for this site. I know most of the people on here have disappeared or just don't care about it anymore, but I do.
So, in short, I want this site to be more lively and like how it used to be. It's starting to make me sad when I come on and see nothing. I want improve this site and make it better and more active.

This was just a rant about how I feel, which I don't do often..if any of you read this. Just try to help.
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I'm still not giving up
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