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 I am Latvia!

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PostSubject: I am Latvia!   Sun 23 Feb 2014, 6:29 pm

Sveiki! I am Latvia, and my name is Raivis Galante...ah, I don't really know what to say here... I guess I'll just tell you some things about myself? Uh- I have short messy blonde hair and blue eyes, but I guess you already knew that... I'm rather short and that's because Mr. Russia keeps pressing down on my head - you see, I would be much taller if it weren't for that. I love to read, especially romance and such, and I can drink up to 40 pints on my best days! I'm very introverted and people tell me I'm kind of spacey - as I read this over I guess that seems true though... I-I'm sorry...

((Hi! Im Hannah, I used to be here a long time ago but left, and I'm sorry about that. I'm back now though! I have been roleplaying for about a year, and love doing it. I left because I was careless and lost the link, but just now found it again. Can't wait to talk to you again! I'm still very shy though, and am on mobile the majority of the time, so I may not be able to do very much chatbox.))
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PostSubject: Re: I am Latvia!   Sun 18 Jan 2015, 11:14 am

Privet, Latvia. Eh, did you saw that I am yhe fault that you are short? You must me mistaken, da! *smiles*

((Hi, I am Lin. Nice to meet you!))
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I am Latvia!
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