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PostSubject: ...Hello...    Sat 08 Feb 2014, 2:45 am

She looked up from where she was brewing tea, frowning. "Hello." She stated in a cold manner, adjusting her glasses. "Why are you here? I see you want to hear about me? Very well..." She huffed, pushing her bangs behind her face. "I am Rose Kirkland, and I represent England, to some extent. Arthur would say differently," she mumbled the last bit quietly, rolling her eyes. "Many people believe my name is Alice, but it's not. It's Rose," her eyes bore into yours own. "Many people believe I am more tame than Arthur. It's true, but not exactly. Sure, my hair is more tame than the mop sitting upon his head, but I was a pirate as well. Even though pirates believed women were bad luck, that didn't stop me," she smirked, remembering the old days. "I also represent the part of England that has a sense of style. While Arthur wears atrocious sweater vests, collared shirts, and khaki pants, I wear fashionable coats, shirts, and skirts. I am also clearly more popular than England since I have friends outside of flying mint bunny and Captain Hook," she chuckled, giving a condescending look. "I also practice magic. I believe I am much better using magic than Arthur, because I am. Arthur can't read spells well with huge caterpillars covering his eyes," she snickered at her joke. "That's enough about me, and if you want to know more, ask." She quietly returned to brewing tea.
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