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 Ib+Mad Father+the Witch's House = Huge CrossOver rp

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PostSubject: Ib+Mad Father+the Witch's House = Huge CrossOver rp   Tue 26 Nov 2013, 7:17 pm

Here's my idea:

A bunch of countries/capitals come together to play some RPGs. All of a sudden a portal appears and they get sucked into a world where the horror RPG games are mashed together to create a "chaos-broke-loose" thingy. Though, the world is just the inside of a mansion/museum/castle. The countries/capitals have to play the roles of the games characters, but some of them are evil.

(Though, if you want, they won't be evil)

In order to get back to Earth, they have to go through obstacles that are ridiculous or dangerous. But once in a while, they have to battle the antagonists/monsters. There are save points located around the world" and if they "die" they respawn from where they saved.

Rules of Battling:
-- Depending on the country/capital, HP and SP can slightly be unbalanced.
-- You can use items that you've found.
-- Depending on the country/capital, the spells revolve around them

Battle Items:
-- Pasta: heals 20% of your HP
-- Pocky: heals 10% of your HP
-- Tea: heals 10% of SP
-- England's Scones: relieves you of K.O.
-- Smoke Ball: object used to flee
(still working on. Feel free to add items during the rp, but make sure to give info)

Example of battle:
Lv.1 Tokyo: HP: 50/50 SP: 20/20
Lv.??? Red Lady: HP: ??? SP: ???

Tokyo --> Attack=10 --> Red Lady
Red Lady --> Hit --> HP: 50/60

Red Lady --> Attack=20 --> Tokyo
Tokyo --> Hit --> 30/50

Tokyo --> Item --> Pocky=10 --> Tokyo --> HP: 40/50

Tokyo --> Lv.1 Fire=10 --> Red Lady
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Ib+Mad Father+the Witch's House = Huge CrossOver rp
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