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 こんにちは, konichiwa! I am Tokyo! (Did again)

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PostSubject: こんにちは, konichiwa! I am Tokyo! (Did again)   Tue 19 Nov 2013, 11:01 pm

Country Capital Name: Tokyo (Before: Edo)

Human Name: Shiroi Nihonto Honda

Nickname(s): Tokes, Kyo

Gender: Female

Age: 10
Historical Age: 143 (I think. . . I can't find the article where I found Tokyo's historical age)

{I forgot to include the microphone that she carries around with her}

Personality: Up-beat, happy, polite, sometimes a derp, helpful

Friends: : "Umm. . . That's hard to decide......"

Enemies: -none-

Stuff:                 -- She loves Vocaloid, which would explain why she wears that outfit {In fact, she would sing in her room or in bathrooms while no one is looking. Sometimes, when she think she's alone, either Japan or the Asians watch her as she sings and dance~ TELL NO ONE}
--   She loves hugs, but only from Bei or Japan or from the Asians or someone she knows. If anyone {"a stranger" as she calls it} hugs her she will shove them away and will hide behind someone familiar.
--   Her favorite games are Fatal Frame and Project Diva. Even though she likes horror games and horror movies, she's actually a little scared, but is too shy to say so.

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PostSubject: Re: こんにちは, konichiwa! I am Tokyo! (Did again)   Wed 20 Nov 2013, 8:27 pm

This isn't quite finished, so you must forgive Tokes' appearance. She's having a bit of trouble trying to redo her profile.
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こんにちは, konichiwa! I am Tokyo! (Did again)
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