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 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rp

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PostSubject: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rp   Fri 27 Sep 2013, 5:14 pm

I had the idea that we could have a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon rp.
So anyone can join, starting off you can be any basic(first) stage Pokémon, including starter Pokémon as well any Pokémon from the 1st-5th generation (because as of now 6th Gen games Pokémon X and Y aren't out yet, but once they are and the whole pokedex is out then we can include them~)  
Pokémon work together in Teams to help Pokémon in danger or in need of assistance and exploring new dungeons. You can come up with team names and who is in your group is up to you guys and different teams can interact and join up for difficult missions (i.e Taking out a powerful outlaw Pokémon or a Legendary Pokémon)
There are different ranks for missions and completing a mission earns you points that can promote your teams rank:
Normal Rank
Bronze Rank - 100 points
Silver Rank - 300 points
Gold Rank - 1600 points
Diamond Rank - 3200 points
Super Rank - 5000 points
Ultra Rank - 7500 points
Hyper Rank - 10500 points
Master Rank - 13500 points
Master * Rank - 17000 points
Master ** Rank - 21000 points
Master *** Rank - 25000 points
Guild master Rank - 100000 points
Mission Difficulty
E-10 points  D-15 points  C-20 points  B-30 points  A-60 points  S-90 points  ☆1-150 points  ☆2-250 points  ☆3-400 points  ☆4-600 points  ☆5-800 points  ☆6-1000 points  ☆7-1200 points  ☆8-1400 points  ☆9-1600 points  
Teams: If your interested but don't know much about Pokémon feel free to ask me any question or click on this link:


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Games Info

The site has all the info for the Mystery Dungeon Games and complete list of Pokémon Smile
I think this should be enough basic info to start the rp off, if you have any questions or think that I should post more info just say so here in a reply or PM me~
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rp
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