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 Thai Cafe!

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PostSubject: Thai Cafe!   Sun 11 Aug 2013, 1:43 pm

(( Come In and order some delicious food! ^.^I wrote this a while ago so it may or may be bad XD))

Thailand tied his apron around his back and smiles. Today was the big day. The day he would show everyone why his food was the best. He and his pet baby elephant waited eagerly at the front door of his new cafe. "Today's the big day ana~ I'm so excited!" His elephant jumped around and then into his arms. Thailand then sighed. "Because i want people to actually buy stuff ana~ I had to integrate the menu to suit Yao how on earth do you do it ana~?" Thailand then shook his head. "N-no i'm going to be better that Yao ana~!" Thailand then turned around to see an empty Coffee pot on the counter that was next to an empty tea pot. He walked over to both of them and placed the coffee under the coffee machine and the tea on the stove. Then he found him self about to sprinkle curry powder in the tea. "Wha! I cant do that ana~ not everyone can handle that much spice!" He found himself fighting the temptation and then he finally managed to set the curry down. "I must not spice my food ana~ no matter how funny it is to the watch the customers nearly breathe fire ana~." He giggled and then stopped. "No! it is thoughts like that that got my last Cafe closed down all of those years ago ana~!"

Flashback: Thailand-"Thank you for waiting ana~ I hope you enjoy your food ana~ and thank you for visiting my Siamese Cafe ana~ " Thailand was serving a Frenchman who had come to Siam to visit. Thailand was annoyed at how many French and British came into his country. All of them were trying to colonize him like they did to Yao's country. And worst of all the French and British had already made a map of how they were going to divide Siam. Sadly while most of his friends had cafes on either the French dominant side or the English Dominant side his cafe was right in the middle of all of the bickering and fighting. He couldn't count how many fights had broken out in his cafe in the past....hour......"Wha i wish they would leave ana~" Then all of a sudden all of the people in the cafe were screaming. They were all fanning their mouths and guzzling down their drinks. Immediately Thailand started to fall out laughing. He felt bad for them but their reaction to the spice was hilarous. Then....he saw some of them were passing out one of tem had signaled a guard for medical help.

Later after all of the spicy events. Thailand had to deal with the king. The king was furious and lectured him for an hour. He even threatened to have him whiped. King- "do you understand what could have happened!? This little incident could have started a war with both the French and the British ana~!" Thailand who was bowing with his head to the floor lifted his head. Thailand- My King i promise it was not purposely done ana~." King- It does not mater ana~! You will be punished." Thailand was whiped that night and was not allowed to open a cafe for 200 years.

"I'll never forget that ana~ and i hope this cafe will be a success ana~!"

(( you can tell i had fun with this ana~ ^.^))
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Thai Cafe!
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