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 Valsh Zwigli, at your service. [[Vash, not Valshe. >_< I blame Nico nico douga))

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PostSubject: Valsh Zwigli, at your service. [[Vash, not Valshe. >_< I blame Nico nico douga))   Mon 20 May 2013, 9:53 pm

~A calm man unmoved by the chaotic world~*cocks shotgun*

My name is Vash Zwigli, but many of you have heard of my country name, Switzerland, more than you have my human name. There is not all that much I care to digress about me, but if you must know...don't go around posting my information everywhere.

Age: Somewhere around early to mid twenties
+ If you want to be exact, I am 750 years old at most, and 160 years at least.
Birthday: August 1, 1291

Sex: No thank you. Male
+ I hope you weren't supposing I was a woman. You wanted proof?
...What??! No, not--
Foes: Slightly: Prussia, Austria, France
+ Provoke me enough times, and you may just be on my list.

Allies: Romano, Liechtenstein, Illinois, Puerto Rico, Beijing

Personality: "...But if I let them read me like a book, all my weaknesses may be revealed." Valsh is a young man living with his younger sister. He tends to keep to himself, and is generally a calm, mature and level-headed person. He is aloof and polite at first. The slight gentleman.
However, he does have ticking points, and will remain calm even when threatened or even at Prussia for trespassing. He does not trust people very much at first. So please forgive him for this reason, for whatever should happen.
He is protective of certain things, and strives to make sure that CERTAIN people do not lay their hands on his sister...unless they can prove certain things to him. ((In other words, they really do love each other, among other things))
To people that know him, he is a kind, still somewhat aloof man, who cares for his friends. He is also more likely to relax himself and be more irritable, even humoring once or twice.

Fun Facts- "This had better not be anything embarrassing."
-He trusts Romano with Liechtenstein, because the man is his 'bro', because Romano is kind to women, and he knows that Switzerland will act should he be inappropriate. ((THIS IS AN ACCEPTED AND SHARED HEADCANON BETWEEN THE TWO RPERS.))
-He can use other weapons besides guns, such as metal pipes, and he is good at fighting without weapons.
-He can cook. Pretty decently, I suppose.

Differences from the anime/manga version-
-He is not as irritable as those versions.
-He is kind of gentlemanly, especially towards women.
-And hand in hand, can be oblivious, but sometimes able to read between lines and piece together clues.
-He is calmer, and...more knowledgeable?
-He's got tattoos. Go on, ask him about them.
His second outfit for the forum, if he's not in uniform, or if he's going out.

((I roleplay him slightly different from his personas. This is how I see him. Belarus's role player does the same.))
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Valsh Zwigli, at your service. [[Vash, not Valshe. >_< I blame Nico nico douga))
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