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 Sincerely, my vents.

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PostSubject: Sincerely, my vents.    Wed 01 May 2013, 2:44 pm

If you read any of the entries I post here then you are reading them by choice and have no reason to get upset about them in the cb or wherever else because you had the option to not read them. This whole topic is where I'm posting my vents because nearly everyday I end up needing to vent and having to be able to post it somewhere is absolutely top. I will not spoiler these posts or what have you, I know it's stupid to post something like this in a public place but I feel better about it when I post it somewhere that's not private 'cause it feels like I'm venting to a friend, not to myself where it will sizzle in my tiny bottle of emotions thus ruining my otherwise perfect days.
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Sincerely, my vents.
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