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 Knives and Coffee cafe

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PostSubject: Knives and Coffee cafe   Wed 24 Apr 2013, 7:06 pm

Belarus sat at the front counter, waiting for people to arrive. Today was the first day in launching her new cafe and she hoped at least some of her friends would come visit. The cafe sold all sorts of Russian and Belarusian sweets, deserts, and drinks. Of course, she had to include normal food such as поліўка and kapusta. The sun was just starting to climb to the top of the sky when Belarus wondered why she even came here this early. Getting up, she made herself some coffee and sat in one of the seats.
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PostSubject: Re: Knives and Coffee cafe   Wed 24 Apr 2013, 7:31 pm

Poland was, to say the least, bored for now. Nothing new happened in the past few days and yes even him got tired to watch his pretty pinkish walls and the mess of plushes that took place in his room. Eventually, he heard Liet talking about Belarus the day before about something like a new café or something. And of course, the lituanian wanted to go there, Poland knew very well the little crush he had on her. So he was alone for the day, and as he had nothing else to do, he decided that maybe he could go too ? Belarus was kinda nice with him. Or a least, if she wasn't, he never really noticed.

He walked in that café that has just opened, as he was thirsty of his walk in the other country, and saw sitting near there Belarus, waiting maybe for customers to arrive and order something to drink. Poland didn't notice Liet anywhere, so he directly went to the girl who seemed to haven't notice him. He smiled and sat next to her without even asking.

"Good morning Bela ! It's like totally cool to see you there ! I was totally dying for something to drink, I think I got lost in your country or something. Liet told me about something like this, it's pretty in there, but I think it totally need more colors. Hey ! Did Liet came here already ? I'm so thirsty I could drink like a whole bath of vodka ! How is the business doing ? Doesn't seem really fine, does it ? Hey ! Don't you have something good for me please ?"

He installed himself comfortably on his chair, the smile hadn't faded.

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PostSubject: Re: Knives and Coffee cafe   Wed 24 Apr 2013, 9:02 pm

Belarus spacing out, admiring the birds flying and the sun gleaming on the pavement. She didn't even notice Poland until she slightly turned her head and jumped a little.

"Privet, Poland... I didn't even hear you come in. Sorry about that."

She stood up, grabbed her notepad and menu, and handed it to Poland, hoping he did actually want something instead of coming over to bother her. Speaking of bothering, where is the other cat shit bastard Lithuania? Usually these two could be found together, talking about random things.

"Where is Lithuania? I thought you two were inseparable. Anyways, here is the menu. It has some of the best Russian and Belarusian food listed there."

She sat next to him and waited for him to answer. Maybe Lithuania had told him to come and check up on her?

((Also sorry my replies aren't very long o no I'm not too good at rping aha))
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PostSubject: Re: Knives and Coffee cafe   Wed 24 Apr 2013, 9:43 pm

Apparently, the belarusian was lost in her thoughts since the beginning and it seemed she hadn't caught a word of all he's been saying. He pouted as she casually apologized.

"You totally didn't listen to what I was like trying to say ! It's not nice of you, but it's totally ok, sometimes I don't listen to you either I guess. I told you it was pretty in there, though it's like not enough colorful and some other stuff like being polite and totally ask you how was your café doing, but it doesn't really matter now since I'm like so thirsty I'm going to die !"

She handed him the menu, actually expecting him to order something like any other customer. He just wanted to drink something his friend would have offered him, like, for free. But anyway, the café was new, guess she needed some help to start. So he looked at it anyway.

"Lithuania didn't come ? He like told me he would come here today, well that's what I think he told me at least. You know, I think he was totally making a big deal of this, even though it's just a café. Ha, but it's your café so that's why. Could have he like changed his mind on the way ? I don't think Liet would have like forget about you, while I didn't, you know. It's weird, but he's totally fine I'm sure, so it's okay for him. I'll check that later. It looks good, your stuff, you made me hungry. I don't know what is all that stuff 'cause it's like written in belarusian or something, but I'd like something sweet, okay ?" He was trying to read the menu, but it was cyrrilic so, yeah... "..Don't you have some vodka ? I'm totally sure it will be the kind of russian vodka, which is totally not as good as the polish one, but whatever."

He stopped to talk for a second, while he was giving her back the menu. His smile has returned and he looked distractedly at the wall.
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PostSubject: Re: Knives and Coffee cafe   

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Knives and Coffee cafe
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