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 Hello.. I'm Arizona.

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PostSubject: Hello.. I'm Arizona.   Sun 31 Mar 2013, 6:01 pm

Country Name: State, Arizona
Human Name: Ariz Makoda Jones

Appearance: Arizona has short blazing orange hair that is spiked in the back, and long and straight in the front and sides. Her eyes are bright green like a black cat's. Freckles and slight burns cover her pale skin. Her attire are red converse that stop just above her ankle with black laces. She wears a loose dark grey shirt that hangs a little, revealing one of her shoulders each time she shifts, making her have to fix it every few moments. Usually, Arizona wears a pair of murky green shorts that stop above her knees because of the heat. She has a black sweater always wrapped around her waist since it was always so hot in her state.

Gender: Female

Age: Looks 17 in human years, 101 years in state years, being born as a state in 1912. Her birthdate is February 14.

Personality: She is quite hot tempered ( no pun intended ). She doesn't like it when people start hating on her for accepting MLKJ day as the 44th state to do so because of a boycott. She finally brought the holiday back in 1992. She rarely smiles and her face remains in a frowning position. She can be rude at times but other than that she is calm and proper mannered, never swearing unless it was the last resort. She sometimes misses being part of mexico and needs hugs from time to time to show she truly isn't alone. It usually makes her feel better.

Friends: She would rather keep to herself, in fear someone would not like the way she acts. She loves her cities and also the other states to keep her company at times though. She would rather be alone.

Foes: None she only dislikes humans even though they are all around her 24/6 she likes taking the day off on Sundays if her boss, Jan lets her.

History: The Mexican-American war was won by America and in return, they took much of north Mexico, including Arizona. Arizona was the 48th state to join the union, being founded in 1912. She was the place where the German POW( prisoner of war) camps were located in World war 2. After world war two had ended Arizona's population grew rapidly because of the development of AC, making her harsh climate bearable in the summer. In 1910 the population of Arizona was 294,353 and in 1970 the population more than tripled in it's population, leaving it at a number of 1,752,122 people.

In Arizona's eyes this is what happened: Mexico was at war with America, leaving poor little Arizona as the ransom prize. She didn't like the idea but that's just tough luck. At least some of her siblings were coming with her. After the war ended America had won and she had to say farewell to Mexico. She became an independent sate, asking for things here and there on February 14,1912. She had witnessed the German POW camps during world war 2. Right after that she had the idea to incorporate air conditioning because let's face it, who would like it in her state if it was so hot in the summer. After her idea had been put to use, more and more people flooded themselves to live in her state much to her demise. She learned to hate humans after a while for their greed and stupidity but fought alongside them when the government wanted to take away their gun privileges along with her fellow states.

Fun facts: Arizona speaks Navajo, Spanish and English so she could properly communicate with the locals.
Her population is in the 15th ranking of the united states.
Her boss is Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona along with the Secretary of State, Ken Bennett.
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Hello.. I'm Arizona.
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