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PostSubject: Re: [Insert Good Topic Name Here]   Sat 02 Mar 2013, 6:48 pm

'Master Greece?' he thought, taking a moment to feel relief that he had finally found who he was looking for. "Just Greece," he replied, not wanting her to worry about calling him master or anything, "that must mean you're Beijing."
He took a moment to study the girls features, realizing that he had once saw her before, but had long forgotten. 'How could I've forgotten such a beautiful girl?' he asked himself, then wondered why he had never talked to her when he had first seen her. Well, at least now he had a better chance to really get to know her... out of the office.
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PostSubject: Re: [Insert Good Topic Name Here]   Sat 02 Mar 2013, 7:55 pm

She ran her eyes over the man's features. Tall, dark and handsome, but he looked a little...sleepy. "Yes, that's me," she nodded.
Yes, she HAD seen this man before...a conference, maybe. Though, she couldn't put quite when--Yao didn't usually hold meetings with this man...or anyone for that matter. But he was rather easy on the eyes, and didn't look like he had any ulterior motives. But he also looked kind of...passive...maybe Yao did put him up to this.
"Ah!" she blinked. "I almost forgot...where did you want to start first?"

[[Why are you guys saying Beijing is beautiful? Pfff, can't tell if it's flattery or what]]
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[Insert Good Topic Name Here]
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