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 Rules of the forum

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PostSubject: Rules of the forum   Tue 01 Jan 2013, 10:09 pm

Disclaimer:Please, actually read these, especially new roleplayers to the site. If you have any questions, you may ask older members, Or the Admin: Prussia(Thai), Illinois(Illi) and Beijing(Bei)

Also topics on this site can get a bit mature, while there is no age limit, I strongly suggest you do not join unless you are mature enough to handle, sex, gore, and other mature things. You have been warned I will not stop a roleplay or censor anything for you if you get triggered or can't handle it.

*Post in the Taken Characters List to Claim, Reserve, or Switch Characters!!!! Make sure the secret code located within the rules is in your character claim. (let's us know you read the rules.)

1) No double Posting~ If you do please delete the extra post.

2) Two accounts per person.~ If you would like to have a second character please feel free to do so by posting your request in the Taken Characters list.

3) No double characters.~ For example..if i'm Sweden we don't want to see a Berswald or a chibi sweden.

4) Nyotalia is acceptable.~ There can be a Fem~Sweden is there is an existing Sweden.

5) OC's are allowed~ As long as it is an actual place with an sustainable population and economy. Basically no Pangaea or Antarctica.

6) Show respect for your fellow roleplayers.~ Do not disrespect anyone.

7) No Godmoding!~  Its unfair to the other players. Give them a chance to do something.

Cool When posting in the forums please be literate.~ What we mean by this is no one or two liners. Don't be lazy! add some description and diolauge of whats going on. There's a difference between: (Sweden Fell on the ground after Finland kicked him and then went to hit him back.) and (Sweden fell on the ground after taking the blow from Finland's kick. His face was bleeding and the kick had left a huge mark on his face. He then, with an angry face, Stood up and Punched him in the face.)

9) Stay Active, if possible! Send one of the mods a message if you can't be or won't be on often! We totally understand~ But, if you fail to notify the mods in some way, after 30 days of inactivity, or if you fail to post in an activity check, your account(s) will be deleted but feel free to come back. Also after one week of failure to do what you need to do to become a member (OC template & TakenCharacter list) will result in a deletion.

10) Please make yourself and your posts understandable.~ We know english is not everyone's first language but there's no excuse for excessive mispellings or things like---> :hi ntheeur Belarjis how odar you toddayf?"

11) Use (( or {{ or [[ to say things Out of Character.

12) No explicit material outside the chatbox and the M section (lemon)

13) In the forums, if you would like to limit who can join the roleplay just put in brackets who can join.~ Ex: Lovebirds (FinlandXSweden)

14) DO NOT post porn or smut pictures/videos anywhere.~ we have to follow the rules of Forumotion sorry. You may post links in the chatbox and Fanfic links are alright too.

15) If you are sensitive to a certain topic, PM a mod so that they know what to limit and allow!~ Everyone will understand, so don't be afraid to send us a message!

16) 2p/Dark/opposite personality Characters are allowed!~ Just not at the same time.

17) Please sign up as the character you are playing.~ Not an username/their human name. please.

18) Make sure to give your give your character a profile picture/avatar. Or Thai will assign one. ^.^

19) If for whatever reason you can't join just put a number by your characters name. I'll change it later.

20) Please remember that we are all here to have fun.~ Do try and roleplay with other people than just the person you ship your character with. Also acknowledge others who are trying to roleplay with you. This makes it fun for everyone.

21) Make sure you know how to roleplay your character!~ If you are just starting out, okay here's a link to where you can freshen up on character personalities ( ). Excessive OOC ness will not be tolerated. (It's really annoying to see a Gemany acting like Prussia.) You can have headcannons but make sure they don't negate your character's personality but only add to it.

22) The word of the Mods is Law don't argue. Just say sorry If you do something wrong.

23) If you want a roleplay in the "Old topics" thread to be revived let me know.

This forum runs on a 3strike policy a mod will PM you if you break a rule and if you get 3strikes then you will be deleted ^.^
Strike one is a PM.
Strike two is a Pm and you will be banned for a week
Strike three you will be asked  to leave and deleted
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Rules of the forum
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